About .460 Rowland

The 460 Rowland cartridge gives .44 Magnum class power to semi-automatic pistols and carbines as well as some revolvers, but with much less noise and recoil than from the .44. The 460 Rowland functions well in .45 ACP size platforms and is much easier to handle and shoot than the large magnum pistols and revolvers.

Out in the country where I live, a powerful handgun is a necessary and handy tool. After much experience carrying large magnum handguns, and having seen disappointing results using lesser powered guns, I kept thinking that it would be so helpful to have magnum power available in a relatively compact .45 ACP size package. And a full grown cougar decided to pay a visit to my home. Some may say a cougar can be easily dispatched, but most of the folks who might say that have never faced 150 or so pounds of spring steel, teeth, and claws. I figured that a really powerful, easy to carry and shoot handgun would be extremely useful for me and might be useful for a lot of others as well. Hence, the 460 Rowland.

The 460 Rowland uses .45 caliber bullets and is the same overall length of the .45 ACP, but operates at much higher pressures to get true magnum velocities. The 460 Rowland case is 1/16 of an inch longer than the .45 ACP shell casing to prevent it from chambering in an unmodified .45 ACP gun, but in many models, the .45 ACP will still function in a 460 Rowland chamber. Sort of like the relationship of the .38 Special to a .357 Magnum– just on a larger and more powerful scale.

We currently have new 460 Rowland pistols, carbines, and revolvers available along with conversion kits for many existing .45 ACP firearms to upgrade them to our powerful 460 Rowland cartridge. The 460 Rowland shell uses the same magazines that are used for the .45 ACP and can be loaded using .45 ACP reloading equipment. This is part of the key to the success of the cartridge– shooting enthusiasts can use equipment they may already have to load our shell; and since the cartridge is ten years old, there is quite a bit of loading data available for it as well as a wide variety of factory ammo.

The 460 Rowland is quite possibly the most successful independently developed cartridge in shooting history; not because of media hype or TV promotion, but because it is simply so useful for so many shooters around the world in so many situations that demand a powerful but reasonably sized handgun or carbine. We continue to develop new loads and find new guns to use our 460 Rowland cartridge. ~Johnny Rowland